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You have entered the official homepage of The Bulgarian Sport Club - "Atmosfera". This Club is the snow leadder and is greatfuly connected to the sports and enteraiment. Here are some words from its President.
I am very happy that you have come to join our club. The idea, with which I have created "Atmosfera" is, to be the most interesting and entertaining place for your children, where they can spend the weekends and holidays with many games and sports and their friends. I wish them to touch the sport magic and this to become their best friend forever. We all are going to create an atmosphere of a friendship, fun, emotions and pleasure, wich they will remember and it will always
push them back to us!!!
Radoslav Koritarov - RUDI
president of Sport Club "Atmosfera"
What are we offering:
We are offering the most practise and interesting sports, as well as some extremly.
In winter we are teaching skiing and snowboarding. Our teaching method is based on a long standing experience and comprehending with children. In a good atmosphere they are going to learn the most popular winter sports and will have the greatest memories from their childhood.
If you are interested inhat, pleace check out The Winter Page

We offer you another cool entertaiment in summer. We can give you the choice to choose swiming or Water skiing. Of course, you can take both. And it will be better. We are going to swiming two times a week and we are going to the best swiming pools in Bulgaria - "Maria Luiza".
We are going waterskiing once a week, but there is always the idea and the desision to go more. It is the best water sport for us and we hope that you will enjoy it!
If you are interested in that and want to learn more, check out The Water Page

Very usual, when people hear about sports, they imagine games, plays and something, which makes your time useful. Well, we have got everything. During the day, we will teach children to play volleyball, football, bascketball, fetherball and lots more. Also we are organizating tennis lessons. We are going to play tennis two times a week and we are forming groups, depending on the level of their knowledge and age. They will be though by tennis professionalists and will enjoy the way they make it. The number of groups is unlimited, so you can freely leave your children to us.
If you like the idea and you want to get some more of it, check out The Tennis Page

The last thing, which is actualy the most extrmly is our biking tours and mountain experience.We have decided to do it appart - one full day cycling and one full day hiking, taking photos and making vidos. All of this is followed by fun, games, friends and interest. We will show children the gifts of the nature and will teach them how to take care of themselfes in a real nature condition. Also making fire, frying steaks and salads are going to color the atmosphere, which will be the best for your children. Decide yourself We offer you houresride too, so check the page out and find out what are we doing for your children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can learn more about that if you visit The Biking Page

And finaly, it you thing we are what you have been looking for for ages,
you should just contact us by going to our Contact Page . Or, if you want to comment somithing,
you can just leave us a message in our Guest Book . Or,
for any quastions, comments about the page and the design, go to our Creator's Page . We are thankful for your interest and we ask you to take a minute and view our sponsors.
Pleace don't copy or hack the page. It is copyright. If you have or want to take some materials,
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