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We are glad, that you have come in here too. That means that you are interested in what we are doing. Otherwise, we can just say, that you are here to see the graphics and the cool pictures. We are shore, you aren't here about that. The meaning here is where are we biking and going for walk. We are cycling mainly in Sofia and in the biggest parks. We may have some tours in the most popular mountains, which are actually our National Parks. Children are going to see animals, which are not so wellknown and will meet animals from their own world. Also, we are going through the zoo, where any sorts of animals live. And all that with photos and good friendship. Although children won't see, they will get the sport habit, which is useful for every human. They will learn how to carry on only themselfs and how not to wasting their time.

Also as we said, we offer you a great experience and a meeting with horses We will teach children how to ride them and will show them how an animal can be their friend. We will try to show them, that a horse can be only their friend and will try to destroy their idea in mind to scary from horses. As we hope you know, if we are talking ownest, hourseriding is one of the most beautiful sports and can be practiced from everybody. We also hope, that it will take your children's interest and they will always come back to horses. We hope you like it too and will join our club today!!!!



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