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Well, it is good to hear that you are interested in tennis. As we said, we are going two times a week and playing with highqualited tennis teachers. They are forming a tennis club, called "Rtur". That club is workin for "81 SOU Victor Ugo", wich is the biggest school in Mladost - 3. It has got two corts and two teachers are working anytime we say. They have tennis rockets if you haven't got and thay have as much balls as you want, so all groups can play freely when they want. The corts are in actual size, so the playing condition will be as in normal. We are shore that children will learn more than just a tennis. They will meet good people, wich will teach them not to give up, will give them the sport habbit, wich can't be given anywhere. We will do our best to show children the pleasure of the paly and exactly the pleasure of the tennis.


We think, that we have told you enough about what we are doing in this hour, devoted to your children and their best. If you still wat to see more, just come and see the reality. Otherwise go to our contact page and call us!!!!!!!!

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